Thursday, 2 October 2014

Fast approaching 30

I Think I'm having a midlife crisis. I have 72 days left in my 20s (yes I counted) tick, tick, tick and I'm gonna make the most of it.

Its not like your life magically changes the instant you turn 30. Topshop denies you entry, glitter eyeshadow is banned  and skirt legislation states below the knee only, there's a certain expectation you have to grow-up.

Sod that I'm, keeping the pink dip dye hair! Its true that hangovers have already begin to crucify me. Two days with little movement from the sofa and lots of junk food are the only way to get through it. But I'm not ready to hang up my sparkly dancing shoes yet. More importantly no one is asking me to.

According to a survey by Allure magazine women are most attractive age 31. Sorry men for you its 29. I'm not worried about my looks, happiness is way more important. That hasn't stopped me from buying my first night time "anti fatigue" cream.

Should the worse happen and I wake up with a face full of wrinkles I'll grab my pug Denzel, he's had a wrinkled brow since birth. If he can rock the look so can I. Failing that my husband is two months older than me. That makes me the  younger and more attractive wife.

I can still tell you what song is number one, whether skinny jeans are in and what shade of lipstick you should be wearing. I'm still with it. Just about.