Monday, 7 December 2015

Gift Shaming

The worst Christmas gift I received was a black maternity dress from Topshop. I was just fat not pregnant.

Buying presents is a minefield and to be fair the maternity label was really small, the dress was cute and empire cut, so a curvy girl like me should’ve loved it, right? Or maybe my husband was dropping a hint? Either way I was not impressed that Christmas Day.
Another faux-pas from the other half was buying the same perfume set for me as his mother. It must have been 2 for the price of one on Armani Code. At the risk of sounding a diva a simple check of the bathroom cabinet would've revealed Chanel Chance was my signature scent at the time.
Sometimes it's the unexpected gifts you grow to cherish. Those days of the week pants from my aunt are now ironically epic. The crocodile skin patterned notebook from an old friend looks less tacky and more chic with time. The suede coin purse from my late father in the 90s was a what the hell is this? at the time but is now a prized possession.
I'm not immune from bad gift buying. As a teenager I bought my friend a pink plastic comb set, some frog spawn hair gel and a bag of chocolate ├ęclairs. She won’t let me forget it to this day.

Before I get coal from Santa I would like to point out that I am spoilt. I have received many considerate gifts and it really is the thought that counts.  Although if you’re stuck and a birthday or Christmas is coming up you can’t go wrong with Urban Decay make-up or something pug related. ;)