Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Belfast. My City. My Style

How you dress and the city you live in can define you. Here's my hidden gems. My city. My style. 

The anatomy of my look 

I buy most of my shopping online. Gone are the days where you went into a store and if they didn't have your size it was game over.

ASOS is my go to. Nine to five I'll rock a short dress with a nipped in waist and some ankle boots. Off duty in the summer it's skinny Levi's, bright cami's and tropical prints.Throw on a pleather jacket when it gets cool.

I obsess over shoes with quirky details stars, perspex bows, panda shaped heels or bunny ears. Life is too short to wear boring shoes. 

My favourite accessory is my Kate Spade Caution To The Wind Cross body bag. It's metallic and logo-tastic meaning it looks great equally on a night out or for a trip to the shops.

I spend way too much time in the gym it's only here where I dress like a ninja head to toe in black most of the time but recently I've been dabbling with geometric print leggings and fabletics capri bottoms. Nike and VSX are also a winner.

Hidden Gems 

I love a riffle around St George's Market on a Sunday. Leave your diet at the door. The food is irresistible and seems to taste better in the ambience. This is the spot for a coffee, home-made bakes and one-off pieces of art. I love having a perusal of the stalls while the sound of the local musicians ring out. 

Pink Poodle boutique in the west end of Glasgow is my favourite store. I picked-up an eclectic porcelain pug necklace made by And Mary that cheers up any outfit recently. There's jewellery, clothing and gifts galore thankfully they have an on-line store but nothing beats a visit in store.Shame it's a bit of a trek from Belfast.


I love to eat local. Belmont Road is literally on my doorstep. Here you'll find lots of excellent eateries. Cafe Smart does the best brunches. The smashed avocado, poached eggs, sun-dried tomatoes and bacon on wheaten bread hits the spot.

If I want a treat I'll head to Bakery Street. Yes the burgers, steaks and meaty dishes are fab but the deserts are where it's at especially the Sticky Toffee Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce, Vanilla Ice Cream & Berries.

On a health kick? Slims Healthy Kitchen has tasty wholesome food. You don't have to break your diet. Post workout you should grab a peanut butter bananza protein shake. Delicious.

Bennetts is also a great spot for dinner. I went for a fishy dish on my last visit. Pan fried Turbot and baby potato, asparagus, carrot and chive white wine sauce. I can't wait to go back. 

A cheeky dark and stormy cocktail is the ultimate indulgence in my books. There are two places in Belfast city centre that serve them well. Perch rooftop bar if the sun is shining and Bert's Jazz Bar in the Merchant Hotel. Just don't go too fiery with the ginger ale. Zen also serves exquisite cocktails it's a toss up between their perfect classics or a french martini.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Who stole my stuff?

“Hey that’s my shirt,“ the first time someone stole something from me was in primary school when the gypsy kid who had just moved to St Malachy’s changed into my white shirt after PE instead of her own ratty grey-tinged one.  

I was always a few years bigger in children’s sizes and the bottoms of my sleeves were consistently covered in smudged blue ink, like my hands. Her shirt was too small and you could've grown potatoes in the collar. My protests of theft feel on deaf ears. I didn't have a name tag sewn on.  In hindsight I should've had some sympathy; the kid probably needed a new shirt.   

Fast-forward to modern times and the only person nicking my stuff is Denzel the pug. Most of my favourite socks go to rest in his bed. We won’t talk about the knickers he took from the washing line.

Nowadays I am more likely to have lost something than to have had it stolen, RIP to the countless missing umbrellas making their way around Northern Ireland’s public transport network, the water bottles that were left in the gym and the lipsticks stranded in cafĂ© bathrooms and potentially the car. 

Sunday, 24 January 2016

10 Thoughts every women has following a Joe Wicks Body Coach plan

  1. Wow healthy food is expensive.
  2. It's been over 20 days, where is my six pack?
  3. Joe Wicks is a hunk, is this why I'm following his plan? 
  4. Avoiding alcohol at parties. Will my friends think I'm pregnant?
  5. Thinking your bodycoach support hero is your new bestie. Shout out to Nechama Simmonds.
  6. Having one slip up and feeling like a failure. Domino's pizza is definitely not on plan.
  7. You think your Tupperware is breeding yet you can't find the correct lid when you're "prepping like a boss"
  8. Build-up bagel where have you been all my life?
  9. You are turning into a gym bore but you can't help yourself.
  10. Boo yah! Where did all this energy come from?